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SME: 8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use A Freight Forwarder

Small and Medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face increased competition not only locally but also globally due to the interconnected nature of markets. Expanding into international markets can be complex and resource-intensive. Navigating complex and frequently changing regulatory environments can be challenging for SMEs. Compliance with tax laws, industry regulations, and data protection standards requires ongoing attention.

A freight forwarder plays a crucial role in the global supply chain by facilitating the movement of goods from point of origin to their final destinations. These professionals act as intermediaries between shippers and various transportation services, ensuring the smooth and efficient transportation of goods across borders and through different modes of transportation.

A freight forwarder is a logistics expert specializing in the coordination and management of the intricate process of shipping goods internationally or domestically. These professionals serve as a link between shippers, carriers and custom authorities, providing comprehensive services to streamline the shipping process.

Amidst a stormy sea of risks, freight forwarders can help steady the ship. A good freight forwarder can provide businesses with peace of mind by ensuring stable supply chains, cost reductions and convenience. Here’s are 8 reasons why businesses should use a freight forwarder.

1. Carrier Selection: Freight forwarders work with a network of carriers, including shipping lines, airlines, trucking companies, and railroads. They leverage their expertise to select the most cost-effective and efficient transportation modes for each shipment.

2. Route Planning: Freight forwarders optimize shipping routes to minimize costs and transit times. They consider factors such as distance, transportation modes, and potential customs delays to create efficient transportation plans.

3. Risk Management: Freight forwarders access and manage the risks associated with shipping, including potential delays, damages, or disruptions. They may recommend insurance options to protect against unforeseen events during transit.

4. Communication and Tracking: Keeping stakeholders informed is crucial in the shipping process. Freight forwarders provide regular updates to shippers, consignees, and other relevant parties, and they use tracking systems to monitor the progress of shipments in real-time.

5. Supply Chain Coordination: Freight forwarders contribute to the overall efficiency of the supply chain by coordinating activities between different parties involved in the shipping process, such as shippers, carriers, and customs authorities.

6. Suite of Logistics Services: Freight forwarders offer a range of logistics services and they can custom to your unique needs and requirements. Due to their roles as intermediaries, they are naturally much personalised in their service to their clients.

7. Cost Effective: Freight forwarders can negotiate a better service contract rates from various sea and air carriers, truckers and insurance companies due to their overall volume. They can pass saving to their clients thus making it more cost effective and a win/win overall situation.

8. Convenience: Freight forwarders offer a one-stop total logistics needs that others simply can’t complete. From route planning, carrier selection, multi-modal transportation to re-packing, packing of container, Custom documentations all under one roof.

In summary, a good freight forwarder plays a pivotal role in the logistics and supply chain industry, providing expertise in navigating the complexities of international and domestic shipping. Their comprehensive services contribute to the efficient and cost-effective movement of goods, making them indispensable partners for businesses engaged in global trade.

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