Air & Sea Import / Export

A trusted freight forwarder plays an integral role of organizing a safe, efficient and viable way of transporting your precious goods to your valuable customers. Well-versed with Singapore Customs, document compliance and the best-value routes, Renus Logistics also provide destination Custom clearance, Certifcate of Origin and Door delivery to your customer address. By engaging Renus Logistics, you are assured of space availability, expeditious document and on-time delivery, every time.

Whether you are shipping FCL or LCL, Renus Logistics will provide you with the best-value and fastest transit route possible.Our expertises in special equipment and break-bulk is also your answer to shipping any mammoth objects. Since inception, we have handled voluminous shipments of machineries, chemicals, building material, printed matters, wines, e-goods and personal effects for many MNCs and SMEs in Singapore. These are testimonial of our capabilities and resourcefulness that they have learnt to trust and rely on.

3rd Party Logistics

In today's competitive business environment, focusing on your core expertise areas can be considered as a wise business move. That is why more and more companies are engaging 3rd party logistics providers to handle their warehousing and inventory needs. This made business sense as globalization forces companies to complete ever so fiercely in the marketplace. Thus the need to free up their resource and investment in the non core areas and reallocate to their main core business areas.

In 2014, in order to ramp up our 3rd party logistics business, we brought over LQ Logistics which had been in the warehousing and distribution business since 1994. With this merger, Renus Logistics are able to combine the two company's score strength of Freight Management, Warehouse and Distribution and thus enhance our ability to offer an integrated logistics solution to our customers

With today fast-pace and time sensitive business environment, the ability to access stock movement and level is critical. With a simple and user friendly warehousing management system (WMS), customer can trace their stock movement and level 24/7 via the internet. This made the job easier for customers to plan their logistics movement.

With a total of 85,000 sq feet of warehouse space and over 5,000 pallets locations, our own fleet of trucks/vans, wireless bar code scanning capabilities, couple with our latest WMS & TMS computer system, will enable us to meet most of today's customers out-sourced logistics activities.

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With our current fleet of trucks, eight in total, we are able to meet our customers most demanding transportation requirment. Our experience drivers and attentants will ensure your deliveries will always arrived in a secured and timely manner. We are also particularly active in distributions of the eletronics and computer industries.Why don't give us a try? We are always committed to serving your needs!

Project Logistics

Our team of seasoned logistics experts brings over 20 years of invaluable experience to the table. Specializing in the intricate planning, organization, management, and oversight of your project's entire supply chain, we ensure the seamless flow of goods, materials, and critical information. Beyond our comprehensive services, we provide tailored advice and guidance at every step. When you partner with us, you not only benefit from our wealth of experience but also gain a strategic ally dedicated to propelling your project to success. Ready to elevate your logistics game? Get in touch with us for personalized support designed to meet your business needs promptly and effectively.

Liner Agency

We represent several leading ocean carriers globally and have a demonstrated history of managing various cargo segments, including containers, RoRo, and break-bulk shipments.

While Renus Logistics typically handle a broader range of logistics services beyond just sea freight, including air freight, road transport, and rail transport, we also engage in activities traditionally associated with liner agencies, especially when it comes to managing sea freight shipments. We act as liner agents for specific carriers and shipping/Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) lines representing them locally for certain ports and regions. In this capacity, we handle tasks such as booking cargo, coordinating vessel operations, and liaising with port authorities on behalf of the shipping line.

Cross Trade / Triangular Shipment

To capitalise on the efficiency and well-managed Logistics Hub status of Singapore, it's not uncommon for our customers to ship direct to their clients from their source, avoiding the exorbitant cost associated with storage in Singapore. Again, Renus Logistics has captured a vast volume of such shipments from Asia to USA and from Europe to Asia for companies that have headquartered themselves in Singapore. Renus can provide temporary storage, re-packing, sorting and trans-ship these goods for customers in both FCL and LCLs.

renus logistics custom clearance

Custom Clearance

We provide fuss-free, straight forward local Custom clearance to your door. With our experience and in-house TradeNet terminal, your general, dangerous or dutiable cargo will breeze through Custom without delay and allow you to keep your commitment to your valuable clients. Why don't give us a try? We are always committed to serving your needs!