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  • 3rd Party Logistics

In today's competitive business environment, focusing on your core expertise areas can be considered as a wise business move. That is why more and more companies are engaging 3rd party logistics providers to handle their warehousing and inventory needs. This made business sense as globalization forces companies to complete ever so fiercely in the marketplace. Thus the need to free up their resource and investment in the non core areas and reallocate to their main core business areas.

In 2014, in order to ramp up our 3rd party logistics business, we brought over LQ Logistics which had been in the warehousing and distribution business since 1994. With this merger, Renus Logistics are able to combine the two company’s score strength of Freight Management, Warehouse and Distribution and thus enhance our ability to offer an integrated logistics solution to our customers

With today fast-pace and time sensitive business environment, the ability to access stock movement and level is critical. With a simple and user friendly warehousing management system (WMS), customer can trace their stock movement and level 24/7 via the internet. This made the job easier for customers to plan their logistics movement.

With a total of 85,000 sq feet of warehouse space and over 5,000 pallets locations, our own fleet of trucks/vans, wireless bar code scanning capabilities, couple with our latest WMS & TMS computer system, will enable us to meet most of today’s customers out-sourced logistics activities.



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