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  • Sea Import

Savvy importers will unanimously nominate a forwarder to handle their import shipments. With all freight costs established, right up to your warehouse or customers location you will eliminate any chance of your valuable goods being imposed with exorbitant surcharges by unscrupulous local Delivery Agent appointed by your supplier's forwarder.  Their unethical collusion meant deriving profits from YOU, the consignee by intentionally selling low rate to your supplier. In conclusion, someone has to pay....why you?

Thus, by nominating Renus Logistics as your Agent, you can commence & continue your marketing efforts 'simultaneously' upon placing your order and have your products delivered to you or your customers on JIT (just-in-time), saving you on storage & transportation cost. These will instantly convert to higher profits, lower cost and greater cashflow for you, putting your company ahead of the competition. Renus Logistics is a member of Singapore Logistics Assocation. We are also member of the world largest independence agency network called; World Cargo Alliance (WCA). With over 5000 member's offices in 190 countries covering 735 ports/cities, we have the world covered for you! Give us a try today and feel the difference. We are commited to serving your needs!









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